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Hunting Daze



Hunting Daze

Bomb Grant

ISBN 978-1-877566-64-6


Size 232 x 1153 mm 220pp,

Colour & B/w photographs


Available: April 2014B

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Bomb Grant author of Hunting Forever–Forever Hunting and Dances with Boars is back with this

new book.

What makes a pig hunter? Bomb looks back to his early days at his introduction to the sport

of pig hunting, family played a big part for him. The early morning starts, the sound of the

dogs on a bail, the excitement and adrenaline are what made him a pig hunter. He then brings

the story forward to hunts in more recent times and introduces a collection of other contemporary

pig hunters who describe some of their hunts and motivation. This shows the diversity

of people hunting and the enjoyment they all get from it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a cop or a patched gang member, pig hunting has it’s own code,

unwritten, but broadly understood by all serious participants in the sport. Bomb sets out

by example and using the input of other hunters to show how this code is often applied and

interpreted in practice.

If you enjoy pig hunting this book will keep you entertained as you either agree or disagree

with the participants in the yarns. On one level it’s bunch of ripping good stories on another

it’s an examination of how pig hunting can take over your life.