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Its Not About The Pigs



Its Not About The Pigs

Andy Lyver


Size 232 x 153 mm 206pp

Colour photographs


Available: September 2013

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Its Not About The Pigs

Andy Lyver


Andy Lyver was your average chick with a perfectly normal life until she discovered pig hunting - and now she’s gone to the dogs. With a row of kennels in the backyard and more canine friends than girlfriends, these days she’s practically feral, roaming the hills as often as she can.

Luckily, Andy’s better half Maco didn’t throw her out along with those first two pups she brought home in 2004 – and together they learnt as they went along. This is not your usual pig hunting book. There are no ‘two hundy’ boars, no ‘wonder dogs’ and no ‘super hunters’; just a couple of unlikely late starters making up for lost time and having the best of kiwi adventures.

And as you read it, you’ll agree that it’s not about the pigs – well, not entirely. It’s just as much about the dogs - breeding them, training them - and especially hunting with them. Join Andy as she shares her passion for pig hunting. Actually, it’s more than that. She realised it was serious the day she skipped a staff Christmas party when a farmer called, wanting instant action onsome pigs he’d seen in his paddock. Someone had to do it...