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Treasure Below.
The Adventures of a New Zealand Treasure Hunter.
John Pettit

240mm x 170mm

144pp colour photos


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Treasure Below

The Adventures of a New Zealand Treasure Hunter

John Pettit


John Pettit took up skindiving as a means of relaxation from the pressure of business. His first trip with the legendary Kelly Tarlton stemmed from a desire to dive the virgin waters of the Three Kings in 1967.

It was here that he met Kelly for the first time and this was the start of a relationship that had a bearing on both of their lives.

It was only after they arrived at the “Kings” that he discovered the real purpose of the trip  was to find the wreck of the Elingamite and to try and locate its treasure.  Once the first coins were located, he was hooked. Further trips followed as the Elingamite gave up more of its treasure until the 1980s and using newer technology the bulk of the treasure was recovered.

Next the reputed gold of the General Grant beckoned and an expedition to the Auckland Islands was organised. While the General Grant remained elusive, the trip itself was a voyage of discovery and wonder.  And not without a small profit as you will see.

John continued to be involved with diving adventures and the recovery of artifacts such as the finding of d’Survilles anchors, now on display at museums  in Wellington and the Far North.

Appended to this book is the boat’s log of the Road Runner from 1979 to 1981, written by Kelly and John giving a day-to-day account of the hunt and recovery of the bulk of the treasure from the Elingamite.