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Life On Wheels




Life on Wheels,

Graeme Sinclair,

Size 240 x 170 mm 220pp,

Colour & B/W photographs,

Available: August 2011

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Life on Wheels

Graeme Sinclair


Graeme Sinclair producer, writer and star of the ever popular Gone Fishin’ writes candidly about his life and career.

While many of his younger fans have only ever known him in a wheelchair, for the first 40 years of his eventful life he had the full use of his legs. Struck down with MS unexpectedly in his forties instead of allowing his misfortune to dominate his life, he carried on as normal, only now on wheels. This presented some interesting challenges, filming and travelling to make the TV show.

A hero to his younger viewers through his Kid’s Gone Fishin’ and the NZ Police blue light programme, he puts down his ability to relate to kids to the fact he is at their height and they can look him in the eye.

Talking about his upbringing and his own children, will stike a chord with any parent. His love of the New Zealand outdoors and it’s ability to heal the spirit and his willingness to talk about the tough times, as well as the good, will reveal facets of this muti-talented man to his audience that they can never have imagined.