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The Sika Hunters



The Sika Hunters.
Alex Gale

240mm x 170mm

264pp colour and b/w photos

2009 RRP$44.99

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The Sika Hunters

Alex Gale

Sika are the premier deer species of the North Island of New Zealand.


Of the nine species of deer successfully liberated in our country, Sika have the most character. Every year, particularly during the roar in April, thousands of hopeful hunters take to the hills, longing to hear the shrill scream of a Sika stag and perhaps take a top trophy head. A few are successful. ‘The Sika Hunters’ tells the stories of many hunters whose dreams became reality. These are stories from the heart, told by hunters passionate about their sport and who love the challenge and thrill of hunting Sika.


In this fourth book by Alex Gale you’ll discover how Sika came to be liberated in New Zealand and how the herd grew to become the top Sika trophy herd in the world. You’ll get great tips on how to hunt these supposedly elusive deer all year round and you’ll read about some of the top heads that have been entered into the annual Sika Competition and Outdoor Trade Show held in Taupo.


You’ll also discover how the Sika Show began and grew into the largest outdoor trade show of its kind in Australasia and, as you read the stories of hunters who have shot some fantastic trophies, you’ll feel the adrenalin rush as you stalk with them through the pages. Come the next roar, you’ll be out there with anticipation high and when you hear the unmistakeable sound of a Sika stag in full flight, your heart will skip a beat: perhaps this will be the stag that wins the next Sika Show?


Alex now works as a professional writer, recording the life histories of interesting people, plus books and magazine articles, as well as being a hunting guide, specialising in hunter training.