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Goodbye Possums



Goodbye Possums.
How to Deal with New Zealand’s Public Enemy No 1.
Kim Swan

230mm x 150mm

240pp colour and b/w photos


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Goodbye Possums


How to Deal with New Zealand’s Public Enemy No 1

Kim Swan



Raised on one of the smaller islands of New Zealand (Matakana), Kim Swan has moved to one of the biggest (and best) and now lives in Marlborough.  Here she enthusiastically pursues wild pigs and possums in the rugged habitat they all call ‘home’.  This desire to pursue wild animals is an inherited weakness and one she intends to sustain into old age.


Between bouts of madcap adventure and sleep-inducing slog, Kim takes time out to write books.  To date her three hunting books have gained her recognition as New Zealand’s foremost pig hunting author.


And now her lifetime of possum hunting experience will benefit any person WHO EVER WONDERED …


… what left their lemon devoid of rind but still on the tree, where the walnut crop went, what pooed on their picnic table, what scratched the dog’s nose, what the kids had bailed in the woodshed…




… like or love your home garden, your orchard, your woodlot, your stock, healthy forests, native trees, endangered bird life, export earnings…




… read Kim Swan’s book and learn how to do something about the threat to all these things?  Because we all have a responsibility to say ‘Goodbye Possum’!




First Published 1996