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More Than The Odd Round Mate



More Than The Odd Round Mate

Chris Phillips

ISBN 978-1-877566-63-9

Size 145 x 220 mm 232pp,

Colour & B/w photographs


Available: May 2014B

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Chris Phillips was one of those kids that could never settle to schoolwork. He was always

dreaming about the outdoors and when he wasn’t dreaming he was in the bush, which was not

a good thing for the possums and rabbits he encountered.

He became (in his words) a shooter:

“My work history basically revolved around shooting. Now here, I wish to clarify an

important point before one gets me mixed up with a real hunter. I have always considered

myself a shooter more than a hunter because of the commercial implications of my actions

and the resulting money that drove me to continue to pull the trigger. I spent most of

my working life shooting with dog and gun, night shooting, trapping and occasional

poisoning for Mount Wendon Pest Destruction Board, South Canterbury Wallaby Board

and Environment Southland Animal Health Board. I’ve shot deer and pig for human

consumption, hares and rabbits for the pet food industry and culls by way of private treaties

with run-holders. Rabbits to roos and hedgehogs to harriers, anything that would pay the

dollars. I wore out more than my share of 10/22s, Mini14 Rugers and Remington .30-06


Outside of work hunting in a truer sense of the word has been an important part of his life

whether relaxing or bringing up his kids and introducing them to the great outdoors while

instilling an ethical attitude to the game they hunt.

Chris is currently working on endangered species programs in wild parts

of New Zealand.