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Trout Stream Insects of New Zealand



Trout Stream Insects of New Zealand.
How to Imitate and Use Them.
Norman Marsh

285mm x 222mm

224pp colour and b/w photos


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Trout Stream Insects of New Zealand


How to Imitate and Use Them.

Norman Marsh



Trout Stream Insects of New Zealand is a volume long overdue in New Zealand angling literature.  It is fortunate that Norman Marsh, an uncompromisingly dedicated fly fisherman, is the first to attempt it.  He is undoubtedly qualified having devoted more than forty years to the subject.  Catching trout with his own imitations, and the study of the insects that are the subject of his imitations, is his chosen passion.


A glance at the list of contents gives the reader an idea of the extent of the author’s research and the wide range of subject material contained in this volume.


Norman takes the angler on a fascinating tour of the streamside and introduces the various insects that make their lives there.  He then turns his attention to teaching anglers important streamside lore, and includes a chapter on how to analyse the trout’s stomach contents.


There is step by step information on the materials used and the process of trying imitations leading the reader to the stage of how to tie imitations competently.


The book closes with classic angling stories, the perfect finale to: Trout Stream Insects of New Zealand, a book for all seasons.


Norman Marsh was born in Nelson, England, a small Lancashire town near the Yorkshire border.  Already an ardent angler from the age of ten years he arrived in New Zealand in 1953 and has continued to chase trout at every opportunity.


He is a member of the Limnological and Entomological Societies, a founder member of the Southland Fly Fishing Club and Councilor for the Southland Acclimatisation Society.  He is a regular feature writer for Rod & Rifle magazine and for many years was the angling correspondent and book reviewer for the Southland Times under the pseudonym “Halcyon”


First Published 1983