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The Long Road Back



The Long Road Back.

Bob South

220mm x 145mm

171pp colour & b/w photos


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The Long Road Back


Bob South



“John had collected quite a larder of supplies and when he finally retired from the NZ Army much of what he collected naturally had NZ Services logos and colours all over them…”


“First shallow kisses caressed his face, then more daring exploration came from her tongue.  A hand here, a suggestive finger there aroused the both…”


“Whatever happened to there being just one race in this country – the human race?”


“When one of the newcomers hooked a trout harling, this first lake fish, Jake started to fire round after round of .22 bullets at the rainbow…bullets sprinkled the surface…”


“If the fishing was so great back in the 1920’s and 30’s, which we are continually told it was by experts and historians, where are the photographs to prove it?  There seem to be plenty of photos of men holding single figure fish, but if they were hauling 15 pounders out every second cast, where is the proof?”


“One Japanese angler wanted to wish in the wishing well for a big fish so much, he pulled out a credit card instead of parting with a large wad of cash…the proprietor had on hand a zip zap machine to take his wish.”


“Fishing hookless is like hunting ducks with a shotgun, but never loading the barrel…”


“Facetiously, I asked this objecting woman if she mightn’t better engage herself in trying to change the names of other clearly gender biased fishing terms… terms such as Mrs Simpson, Craig’s Nighttime, Jack’s Sprat, Reckless William…”


“Jigger buried his head, bird still in his mouth, in the lap of his best mate.  And he lay there.  All day.  Bill was dead.  Rigid.  And dead…”


Bob South is a 54 year-old American who has happily called New Zealand home since 1969.  For the last 10 years, he has been editor of the widely heralded and award winning magazine, Fish & Game New Zealand.  The Long Road Back is his fourth book.