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Hawks is the tale of New Zealand’s wild south-west, set during the early years of the venison recovery industry. This was the era when the cowboys rode choppers instead of horses and used semi-automatic weapons, not six guns. They lived, worked and often died in the most rugged, inhospitable and spectacular corner of this country – the vast Fiordland wilderness.

While Hawks is a tale of fiction, much of the fast-paced action depicted here is based on actual incidents. This is the story of Gray, an enigmatic young man trying to leave his past and the horrors of the Vietnam War behind him. In New Zealand’s southern lands he finds himself in another war, a war of a very different kind – a war for the huge profits of the burgeoning venison recovery industry.

With the skills learned in the SAS, Gray becomes the top gun, the man every chopper pilot wants in the gun seat on his machine. As the war heats up, the competition gets fiercer in the quest for the venison dollar. The men in the air begin to take increasingly desperate risks. Many make mistakes and die, while some die at the hands of others.

Gray’s tale encompasses life, death and love. Unashamedly robust, Hawks tells it like it really was, or could have been, as greed and jealousy and a woman named Mary combine to bring about an explosive finale.

The author

Andrew Grant is the nome de plume of one of our leading thriller writers. Hawks was his first novel and was originally published in 1998 and reprinted the same year. It featured high on the best-sellers list upon its release.

The author grew up on farms in Otago and Southland and spent his early years in and around Fiordland, with a rifle in his hands. He has lived and worked around the world in a variety of occupations, being at various times, a freezing worker, meat shooter and merchant seaman, and has had many other ‘interesting’ jobs, including being a professional bodyguard.

He is a small arms expert, competitive pistol shooter, gourmet cook and keen fly fisherman and he still hunts the bush he loves. This revised and republished edition of Hawks is his sixth novel. The movie rights have been sold. 

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