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Classic New Zealand Mountain Hunts.
Dave McClunie

2001 reprinted 2004

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Classic New Zealand Mountain Hunts


Dave McClunie



Dave McClunie loves the mountains, the animals that inhabit them and the freedom and challenge they represent.


From a rural background he moved to the West Coast of the South Island to become a hunting guide to spend more time in the mountains he loves.  As a guide, his principal quarry have been the tahr and chamois that roam the high country.  As a hunting guide he has developed an international reputation as an ethical fair chase hunter.  As a father he has introduced his sons Michael and Wayne to the mountains and valleys of the South Island.  Instilling in them a respect for the animals, environment and the uncertainties of hunting.


In this book the hunting experiences of the “Clan McClunie” after wapiti in Fiordland chamois and thar in the southern Alps are recounted.  The successes and failures, the family hunts and the guided hunts with clients.   Told with honesty and respect for the wildlife and the high country they inhabit.



First Published 2001

Reprinted 2004


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