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Those Were The Days



Those Were The Days,
Hunting the way it used to be.
Peter Harker

250mm x 190mm

304pp colour and b/w photos

2001 reprinted 2006, 2010

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Those Were The Days

Hunting the way it used to be

Peter Harker



To many, Peter Harker will be known by his Hunting With Harker. A column he wrote in the Christchurch “Weekend Star”, for some years and his first two books Hunting with Harker and Harker Hunts the Coast. They were huge when originally published twenty years ago.


In 1965, it was hard to get any information on the southern ranges so he cut the tracks and built “bivvies” himself.  By 1972, he had toured every mountain valley from Hokotika to Lake McKerrow.  In 1971 he began capturing his game live.  The target was chamois and thar, and the technique was to tire the animals by chasing them with a helicopter and then dive out to “bulldog” them.  Later, he used the camera to shoot game instead of a rifle, his pictures have won national awards and have been used in magazines all over the world.


In this his latest book he unashamedly and nostalgically looks back to what he considers to be the good old days.  When men were men, girls were fun, deer roamed the hills and you could walk down the main street of any New Zealand town carrying a rifle without anyone calling the cops.


The hills were alive with the roar of red deer not the beat of helicopter gun ships, thar and chamois bounced around the alps and anyone who wanted could just get up and go hunting… hunting the way it used to be!



First Published 2001

Reprinted in 2006 and 2010