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Confessions of a New Zealand Hunting Guide


Confessions of a New Zealand Hunting Guide. Dave Blair

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Confessions of a New Zealand Hunting Guide

Dave Blair

During the 1980s and into the 90’s Dave Blair guided hunters for a living.  From these experiences come tales of mountain, bush and river.  The Amazon woman, huge fearless and dominating.  The scruffy Aussie who lives hunting and travels in the same aromatic hunting rig wherever the goes, carrying with him his cunning kit of whistles, bleaters, hooters and roarers that he blows in a van attempt to copy the roar of the stag and the scream of the Sika.

There is Jacques the French test pilot, and a crazy fit American spy with his Marilyn Monroe look-a-like girlfriend, who takes baths in full view of every deer, bird and possum in the bush.  Then there comes Lucky, a hunting guide’s dream come true.  So find a soft chair, put your boots on the mantelpiece, slip between the pages of this book and follow us to the misty valleys, the sunlit tops and the dark bush that are home to the game animals that draw hunters from all over the world.

First published 2003