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Classic New Zealand Game Trails



Classic New Zealand Game Trails.
Dave McClunie

220mm x 145mm

208pp colour and b/w photos


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Classic New Zealand Game Trails


Dave McClunie



In the beginning there were no wild game animals to complement the spectacular New Zealand landscape.  Because of the cultural, historical and spiritual value to most people, Wapiti deer, Chamois and Tahr were introduced by early settlers to fill the void in the ecological system left empty since the eradication of the large herbivorous ground birds during earlier times.


Acting on flawed untested theory the government declared these creatures “noxious” in 1930 and commenced an ethnic cleansing program which has continued for over seventy years.  When the author sought a career in game management in the 1960’s, Dip Flat hunter training camp was all the government had to offer.  Ten years employment with the wild animal section of The Forest Service, working with senior staff strengthened his understanding that the government ideology was flawed.  More recent intensive scientific research supported his belief.


The author has trod countless game trails on both major islands.  Along with many others he believes that when sustainably managed these magnificent creatures are a national treasure of incalculable value.  “It is not hunting or killing, but simply the privilege of living among wild creatures that so hugely enriches human existence.  Without them our special places become a stark botanical nightmare”.


So join the clan McClunie as Dave McClunie follows up the outstanding success of this first book Classic New Zealand Mountain Hunts and takes you down some Classic New Zealand Game Trails.



First Published 2003